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Discount Rawlings Pro Line Two Wheel Pitching Machine

The Rawlings 2 wheel pitching machine is one of the greatest 2 wheel machines for both hitting and fielding drills. With options for baseball, baseball an adjustable release point, softball and even cricket, this pitching machine remains tremendously popular across the country. There are a few amazing points of distinction that makes the Rawlings 2 wheel pitching machine a top buy this year.

Pinpoint Accuracy

If you're familiar with pitching machine wheels, you'll have noticed there are (1) air tires and (2) urethane tires. Rawlings and Spinball Sports machines have full 1 inch wheels, which makes their pitches some of the most accurate in the world. You can easily install and align the wheels to accurately pitch any type of ball.

The signature feature of the Rawlings 2 wheel pitching machine is the ability to swivel both horizontally and vertically. This functionality combined with the different leg options, particularly the ARP legs, let's you have maximum control of the release and pitch placement. Outfield drills - grounders, line drives and fly balls - can easily be performed by easily aiming the machine wherever you want. Players of all skill levels can reap the rewards of this versatile, modern pitching machine.

Intuitive, Easy Control

Adjusting the pitch speed is as easy as it gets. The main difference between Rawlings machines and their Spinball counterparts is the digital control. Achieving different pitch types largely depends on accurately setting the speed of each wheel. This is traditionally done by checking turning knobs, which itself is easy, but the Rawlings pitching machines just make it even easier. You can simply dial in the speed to quickly and precisely get the pitch style you want with any top spin or back spin. You have your choice of any pitch you like, including sidearm curves, screwballs, two-seam fastballs, four-seam fastballs and more. You'll even get a laminated chart showing you how to set up exactly the pitch you want.

If you have any sort of combination machine, you can easily switch for baseball, softball or cricket. All you really need to do is take 5 minutes to swap out the legs to get the appropriate pitch height. Then, you can re-align the wheels to get the perfect "pinch" depending on the type of practice ball. You can see how easy operation is by viewing the instructions here.

Unstoppable Strength and Durability

You want a stellar pitching machine that will serve you or your team for years to come. Perfect for any team, versatile, and built to last, the Rawlings 2 wheel pitching machine will perform as well down the road as it does the day you unbox it.

Rawlings and Spinball machines have a lightweight, formed steel frame that can minimize recoil and further improve accuracy. Amazingly, for the power it brings, it still only weighs 70 pounds when fully assembled. In fact, there are large transport wheels built right on it so you can just tilt and roll on and off the field.

This pitching machine is also backed by a solid 5-year warranty, so you can purchase with confidence today!

Features & Specifications

  • Two machines in one - use for hitting or defense
  • Throws any pitch from any angle
  • Speed range 40-100mph
  • Weighs 70 lbs - super portable
  • ARP option - Adjustable release point for realistic pitch trajectory
  • 5 year warranty
  • Free Fedex Ground shipping
  • Made in USA

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