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Discount Spinball Wizard Two Wheel Pitching Machine

For portability, accuracy, durability and ease of use during batting practice, the Spinball Wizard is the best 2 wheel pitching machine buy today. Suitable for baseball, softball, cricket, and even tennis, the Spinball Wizard is perfect for players of all skill levels and ages.

Top Level Accuracy and Performance

You or your team will be more than ready for game time. The Spinball Wizard has a top pitching speed of 105 mph. The wheels can be manually adjusted independently. Setting the speed for each wheel with the intuitive dials gives you precise control over the backspin or top spin of the ball. Then, when you rotate the head clockwise and counter-clockwise, you'll be able to pitch side arm curves, screwballs, 2 & 4 seam fastballs, curveballs, sinkers and sliders, as well as knuckleball (no spin - wheels are set to the same speed). For both baseball and softball varieties, you get a nice laminated diagram showing you exactly how to set both the head and the wheel speeds for your intended pitch.

Once you've selected your precise pitch type, you can expect amazingly consistent performance. Pitch accuracy can be measured as the number of pitches that land in the batter's box, or "strikes". Spinball and Rawlings machines have the best accuracy we've ever seen. The Spinball Wizard scored 97/100 in a test. This is due in large part to the superior, 1-inch thick urethane wheels. Urethane is a synthetic compound that holds up to changes in temperature and speed better than air tires. The Spinball Wizards wheels are extra thick, which gives that much more stability and consistency of pitches.

Easy Customization & Upgrades

Once you have the Spinball Wizard, any version of it at all - you can purchase conversion kits at any time. So, you can start with a combination package today or simply upgrade at a later time if you like. The differences between baseball, softball and ARP are simply the legs and ball feeder tubing. The leg height is important to consider, as the release point varies for baseball and softball. The ARP legs are extra tall, so you get a very realistic release point for overhand pitches. Once the legs and feeder tube are set, you can adjust the gap between the wheels to get the best grip or "pinch" on the ball possible. We're happy to offer the all new turret style automatic ball feeder, which is compatible with all Spinball and Rawlings pitching machines!

Aerospace Engineering You Can Count On

Every detail of the Spinball Wizard is designed to deliver strikes during batting practice for many years to come! Spinball's engineers have an extensive background in aerospace design (the same as Boeing), so you know you're getting a superior product. The Spinball Wizard strikes an ideal balance between strength and lightness. The unique formed steel frame is curved away from the batter, which helps to dampen recoil. The recovery time of the wheels is also world-class. This refers to how quickly the wheels can return to their intended speed after each pitch. The Spinball Wizard beats the typical 8 second speed; give it just 3 seconds and you'll never notice any slowing of the wheels!

Features & Specifications

40-105 mph Speed
Only 59 Pounds
1 Inch Urethane Wheels
Modern Aerospace Engineering
3 Second Wheel Recovery
Minimum Recoil
Made in the USA
Throws Low-Seam & Practice Balls
Easy Conversion & Upgrades

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