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Discount First Pitch Pitching Machines Q & A

What makes First Pitch stand out?

Since 1999, First Pitch has excelled in manufacturing top quality pitching machines. Their machines are made of steel and aluminum, making them powerful but also lightweight, making them easy to transport. They're simple and easy to use but also very effective, with comparable features and specifications to the popular JUGS pitching machines. Some customers find that First Pitch offers even greater value than JUGS pitching machines given their quality and generally lower prices.

What are the best selling machines by this brand?

The First Pitch curveball pitching machine is a popular 2 wheel model. The two wheels and the 360 degree swivel allows for all kinds of pitches. It's available as a combination machine as well and can pitch baseballs up to 105mph!

The Relief Pitcher is also a popular machine. One of the newer models from First Pitch, this baseball pitching machine features a thin, modern wheel to maximize accuracy and wheel durability. It's another combination model that can pitch baseballs up to 45mph, and it's a fantastic price.

What warranty is offered with First Pitch machines?

First Pitch machines are winners. Every one is proudly made in the USA and is backed by a solid 5 year warranty. Your purchase is 100% protected. Buying a First Pitch machine means you're buying top pitching machine craftsmanship, so can have complete confidence with your purchase.

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What our customers say

13 reviews
Delayed but Excellent Communication

The machine was ordered on April 6th and delivered on June 1. Jonathan was more than responsive with communicating the reasons for the delay. Wheels had to be reordered as they were defective when they arrived at the shipper, etc. Also the free shipping was HUGE as it saved over $200 off the price. I would definitely recommend as I think Covid had a part to play in the delays and PitchingMachineUSA stayed on top of it the whole time.

Took a long time to get!

Took a week longer than what I thought it would take and probably would have taken longer if I had not asked what was taken so long!

Heater Sports Deuce 2 Wheel Curveball Pitching Machine

Hack Attack Jr

Great communication on shipping date. Quality product delivered in timely manner. Highly recommend this seller.

great machine

Went cheap with a 1 wheel machine a few years ago. While it served us well my boy quickly outgrew it. The hack attack jr does so much more and is built like a tank. I'm sure this will be the last machine we buy.