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The Rawlings Pro Line 3 wheel pitching machine gives you virtually effortless control over the individual wheel speed, spin direction and spin amount for every pitch. The cutting-edge control panel is its hallmark feature. No other brand makes changing pitch settings this easy! On the left side of the control panel is a clear LED display to adjust speed up or down. Pitch directions are laid out in 12 directions like a clock. The amount of speed is adjusted with a dial from 1-10. For example, if you want to send a pitch to the lower left corner of the batter's box at 80mph, the Rawlings Pro Line's on-board computer calculates the individual wheels speeds for you to make it happen.

So you can quickly adjust to pitch ANYTHING - knuckleballs, curveballs, sliders, fastballs, sinkers, etc. In fact, there are 121 custom pitches! You can set the speed anywhere from 40-100 mph for real baseballs! Another advanced feature of the control panel is the option to select baseball or softball. If you are going from pitching baseballs to softballs, push that switch and the machine automatically corrects for the weight difference of the ball and achieves the same speed. That's just yet another thing you don't have to think about!

The Rawlings 3 wheel machine also maximizes control over pitch location. You can optimize batting practice for users at all skill levels and heights. This machine features easy handwheels to easily adjust the head horizontally and vertically. When doing outfield practice, just loosen the knobs and position the head anywhere to work on grounders, line drives, and towering pop flies. To see just how great the accuracy is, check out the video below at about the 45-second mark. Under ideal conditions, the Rawlings Pro Line can through 99/100 strikes.

The accuracy of the Rawlings 3 wheel pitching machine is also unmatched. The frame is expertly engineered with the right design and weight distribution to keep every pitch consistent, minimizing recovery time to just 3 seconds for real baseballs and 2 seconds for medium and lite balls. The wheels also play an important role in accuracy. Made of thin, 1 inch urethane, they are the latest technology in pitching machine wheels. Since they don't require air like many traditional pitching machines, Rawlings wheels maintain their shape at the highest speeds with top centrifugal force.

You also can't beat the durability of this machine. It's uniquely designed with lightweight but powerful aerospace grade steel. Not to mention, it's proudly made in the United States and comes with a 5-year warranty. The steel frame protects the motor and wheels, and it can even take an occasional line drive. The lightweight design is also a major plus when it comes to transporting on or off the field or lifting it into the back of a vehicle. Even better, large transport wheels are built right on it, so there's no separate purchase required.

The Rawlings 3 wheel pitching machine comes in 3 different styles: baseball, softball, and baseball XL/cricket. You can also choose a combination: baseball + softball or baseball XL/cricket + softball. To see release points for each set of legs, check the specifications below. If you are going to switch back and forth between baseball and softball, it only takes about 5 minutes. Just switch out the legs and ball chute and adjust the wheels. Actually, you can use the Rawlings Pro Line to pitch tennis balls and lacrosse balls

If you are going to buy the Rawlings/Spinball auto ball feeder also, all you need to do is make sure the version you select matches with your pitching machine model. That's because the leg heights of the auto feeder are different. The feeder just needs to be higher than the pitching machine to let gravity work!

Features & Specifications

  • Used by 11 Major League teams and dozens of NCAA D1 programs
  • Revolutionary pitch control with digital display
  • Quickly adjust any of 121 pitches
  • Pitches real baseballs from 40-100mph
  • Weights only 125 pounds
  • Regular baseball leg release height: 60"
  • Baseball XL/Cricket release height: 73"
  • Softball release height: 32"
  • Powerful aerospace grade steel frame
  • Made in the USA

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