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The BATA-1 is available as baseball, softball or both. A premium pitching machine, made in the USA, the BATA-1 has been a go-to choice for batting practice and hitting drills for years. It's affordable and easy to use, and the BATA-1 offers unparalleled overall value for high school and college level players.

Amazingly Accurate Fastballs

At the regulation distance from the home plate, the BATA-1 pitching machine can send real leather or dimpled practice balls up to 62mph. The BATA-1 is also extremely consistent. You can send pitches inside the batter's box every time. The structural integrity of the BATA-1 reduces recoil, while the hard rubber wheel remains stable, with excellent traction on the ball. Of course, with lateral vertical adjustments to the head, you can use this pitching machine for effective outfield drills. Send realistic grounders, line drives and fly-balls anywhere in the field.


The design of the BATA-1 pitching machine is intuitive, and you can get the hang of operation even if you've never operated a pitching machine before. The instructions for set up, use and maintenance are clear. You can use simple hand tools to get the BATA-1 up and running the very same day it arrives. Changing the speed is as simple as a turn of the dial. You can also adjust levers to move the head laterally and horizontally to control the release point. If you upgrade to the conversion kit for both baseball and softball, you'll see how easy the transition is. In only a couple minutes you can adjust the compression plate, ball chute and legs to convert the BATA-1 from baseball to softball, or vice versa. Maintenance is a snap. You only need to keep the BATA-1 clean, dry, and tightly assembled. The hard rubber wheel requires very little ongoing care - just an occasional buff to help it keep its shape and traction.

Made in the USA

The BATA-1 pitching machine, like other BATA machines, are designed and manufacturered in the USA. There's no need to take your chances with cheap, off-shore imitations. The BATA-1 pitching machine is designed meticulously to meet the needs of today's baseball or softball player. The frame and legs are made of solid steel, and the finer components firmly lock into place. The wheel's core is aluminum, which maximizes durability and stability. The 1/4 powerful horspower motor operates reliably and powerfully yet quietly. The bottom line is that the BATA-1 pitching machine is one of the greatest pitching machines in terms of performance and reliability. This is an ideal choice as a serious investment in you or your players' development. When you purchase from us, we can also offer a free manufacturer's warranty, which is among the best you can get today. That's how confident BATA is in their products. Buy with confidence today!


Weighs 56 lbs.
Runs on 110 AC
Available for baseball/softball
May be used with BATA Feeder
Throws real baseballs or dimpled
5-year limited warranty
Maximum Speed:
62 mph with leather baseballs or
Steel frame, aluminum wheel core
Rubber hardness: 46-54A Rockwell
1/4 Horsepower motor
5-year limited warranty
Made in the USA
Height and lateral adjustments

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