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Discount Baseball Pitching Machines Q & A

What about a baseball pitching machine makes it for baseball?

Most things about baseball and softball machines are the same. However, there are a few key differences between them that hold true for every brand. First is the release point. Baseball release points are higher, ranging from 50-70" to simulate different kinds of pitches. To achieve a higher release point, the legs are longer. On some models you can add extended legs as an accessory to get an even higher overhand pitch. Or, the regular legs might be able to adjusted at different points in the socket.

Other important features have to do with the size of the baseball vs a softball. Basically the parts that touch the baseball are smaller or adjusted. That includes the chute (where the ball is fed) and the space between the wheel(s) has to be smaller to get the right grip on the ball.

What types of baseball pitching machines do you carry?

The most useful way to categories pitching machines is by 1, 2 or 3 wheels. Any of these can be perfect depending on your needs, but generally speaking, the more wheels the more accuracy and number of pitch types are available.

What is the top speed you can pitch?

At standard distances from home plate for each league, our baseball machines typically pitch anywhere from 30-100+ mph. By moving the machine closer or farther from the batter, you can effectively get a different speed at the same setting.

What are the top selling baseball pitching machines?

We are very selective about the machines we add to our catalog, but there are a few machines that really stand out. Right now, the best baseball pitching machines are the

Junior Hack - for the price range, it's the best 3 wheel baseball pitching machine and the #1 choice for schools.

Rawlings 3 Wheel - the hallmark of this pitching machine is the digital control over the pitch type. You only have to adjust the speed and the pitch direction, then it calculates that perfect settings for you!

What are some highlights of the manufacturers?

BATA - they have a solid 10 year warranty on their baseball and softball pitching machines, and everything is made in the USA.

HEATER SPORTS - the best introductory pitching machines for the price, performance and safety for young players.

RAWLINGS/SPINBALL - for many customers, the best value 3 wheel pitching machine, and made in the USA.

SPORTS ATTACK - one of the oldest manufacturers, exclusively makes state of the art 3 wheel machines.

FIRST PITCH - all American, easy assembly and best value mid-tier pitching machines.

JUGS - decades-long favorite of pitching machines.

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