Discount Pitching Machines & Batting Cages for Sale

As a player or coach, you know how important maximizing practice time is. You want to spend as much time hitting and doing outfield drills as possible. Pitching machines take a small investment but they can make practice time count. With the right pitching machine, you can be sure that your players are ready to face any real, in-game situation at the batter's box or out on the field!

Pitching machines are very easy to use.

If you've never used a pitching machine before, you might be wondering if there's a learning curve. Fortunately, every single pitching machine we offer can be assembled the same day you take it out of the box. All you need are simple hand tools and a couple hours to follow the directions, which are short and concise.

Once you set up your baseball or softball pitching machine and get the hang of it, there's not much else to do besides making small adjustments to speed, pitches, the release point, etc. Maintenance is minimal, and all of our pitching machines come with generous warranties from the manufacturers.

You can hit virtually any pitch you want.

Depending on the type and model of pitching machine you choose, you can potentially pitch anything you want! Generally speaking, the more advanced the player, the more control you want over pitch style.

1-wheel machines are excellent at pitching fastballs, which makes them an excellent choice for a starter pitching machine. More advanced players should consider getting a 2 or 3-wheel pitching machine, which can simulate not only fastballs but overhand and sidearm curves, sinkers, sliders, knuckleballs and more.

You can maximize your hits per minute.

One possible limiting factor for baseball & softball practice is simply how many pitches a player can hit. There are two ways to handle this.

If you want to hit pitches as fast as possible, we recommend getting a 3-wheeled pitching machine. They are large and sturdy, which minimizes recoil. So, the wheels hardly slow down when a practice ball passes through the wheels. Automatic feeders for these machines can also be very fast, even in the range of 3-5 second intervals! So, no matter how ambitious you are during batting practice, there's a pitching machine that can keep up with you!

Better yet, if you pick up one of our batting cages for sale, you can make practice even more efficient. Obviously, practice balls will be sent all over the place, but a batting cage can keep them contained and fairly close to your pitching machine and feeder. When all the balls are pitched, you can easily load them back in the feeder for the next round. All of this can multiply the number of hits you get during practice, and you'll hone your batting ability like never before.

Simulating outfield drills is easy.

Pitching machines aren't just for batting practice! You can turn them around to send grounders, pop flies and line drives anywhere in the field. These drills are pretty straightforward because you just need to aim the machine where you want and pitch fastballs. However, some pitching machines have some special capability which makes outfield drills even easier. You can read about these features in our buyer's guide.

Many pitching machines are available as a combination.

You might want to get a baseball or softball combination pitching machine. They're essentially one machine with some basic parts you swap our, namely the legs and chute. This can be done in a few minutes.

So, you might have a baseball player and a softball player in your family. You might be a coach or athletic director who wants to use the same pitching machine for multiple teams. Whatever the case, you might be interested in one of our excellent combination pitching machines.

Who Uses our Pitching Machines?

We have great customers from very different backgrounds and skill levels. In fact, believe it or not, we work with little leaguers on up through high school, college and even MLB teams.

No matter what, we strive to match you up with the absolute best pitching machine for you, your family or your team.

Families with Young Players

heater deuce pitching machineDo you have a little league player with a great spark of potential in baseball or softball? You've definitely come to the right place.

Really, any of our pitching machines are perfect for kids, even the machines that can pitch 100+ mph! You can always adjust the speed and pitch style to exactly what you need, and there will be plenty of room left to grow.

However, it's a great idea to consider a pitching machine from Heater Sports. First, Heater machines are as safe as you can find. Supervision of young players is always recommended, but parents can have some extra assurance thanks to the uniquely safe design of Heater pitching machines.

Each Heater machine has a strong fiberglass covering which not only stands up to impact from line drives but also houses the motor and spinning wheel inside. This way, small hands won't run the risk of getting caught inside!

For a basic, beginner pitching machine for young players, a Heater machine is a smart choice. The 1-wheel machines, in particular, have a great value. The Heater Deuce pitching machine is the newest model to date, and it features a two-wheel design which allows breaking pitches at higher speeds.

High Schools and Colleges
junior hack pitching machine
We regularly have the privilege of matching up high school and college teams with the best pitching machines possible. Overwhelmingly, athletic directors, coaches, booster club leaders and others ask about Rawlings/Spinball machines and Sports Attack pitching machines. BATA machines are of comparable quality as well, and each of these brands is 100% all American.

In short, these machines have a longstanding history of top notch accuracy, ease of control and versatility.

Schools value a pitching machine that can easily be converted from baseball to softball and vice versa, so both baseball and softball teams can hit the field without missing a beat. The wide array of pitch selection of these machines gives players of any level ample challenge, including MVPs who play in televised games. Transportation is also a consideration, as these machines frequently moved on and off the field. Having a transport system included with purchase is just one more shining feature of these high-performance pitching machines.

Professional Teams & Training Facilities

Our customers even include Major League teams. As you would expect, the best players in the world need nothing less than the best. Like the school teams, professional teams need a solid pitching machine that can simulate star pitchers in real game situation.

MLB practice is no joke, and every minute counts. The 100+ mph pitches and the most advanced pitch selection today are critical for optimum big league practice.

rawlings 3 wheel pitching machineAltogether, from everything we've considered while interacting with professional teams, the Rawlings 3 wheel pitching machine is the best overall choice. This pitching machine is hands down the easiest and fastest to operate. With the help of a handy reference chart, you can take advantage of this machine's exclusive ability to calculate the individual wheel speeds individually, making batting practice that much more efficient.

Likewise, our commercial customers, often including training facilities, have been known to be a training ground for professional players. Having a few of the Rawlings 3 wheel machines set up can give any of your customers, right on up to Major League players, the challenging experience they're looking for to sharpen their skills and win.

If you or your organization are interested in bulk purchase, please give us a call so we can discuss lead times as well as quantity discounts.

Best Pitching Machine Brands

We chose our suppliers carefully because we want to bring you the very best pitching machines possible. Our manufacturers all produce excellent, durable machines that make happy customers year after year. Here's a rundown of their highlights.

Heater Sports pitching machines are the best machines for young or new players who are getting a pitching machine for the first time.

Heater machines and batting cages make immensely popular gifts for little leaguers to intermediate baseball or softball players. The motors and spinning wheels are enclosed with fiberglass, making them durable and safe for young users.

BATA pitching machines are made in the USA. They are quiet, durable, consistent and very easy to use and maintain. There have been imitations of these machines in recent years, but you know you're buying the best when you choose a BATA pitching machine.

Sports Attack pitching machines also deserve the spotlight. These are highly advanced 3 wheel pitching machines that are extremely popular among school teams.

First Pitch machines offer great value for your investment. They're excellent for intermediate to advanced players. First Pitch is one of the most innovative manufacturers, and they've made great headway in softball practice and outfield drills.

JUGS is the oldest pitching machine manufacturer today. They've had a 40+ year solid reputation for making stellar machines that cater to specific needs of today's players.

Rawlings and Spinball pitching machines are, in our opinion, the best all-around brands of pitching machines today. For innovation, reliability, usability and pitch control, they are unbeatable. Every new release from Rawlings & Spinball is a true game-changer.

How to Set up Your Own Backyard Batting Cage
Are you interested in setting up your backyard for the best, most fun batting experience of your life? People are paying for just a few minutes in the batting cage at fun parks, but imagine what it's like to have your own perfect baseball or softball set up. No matter which pitching machine you choose for your own use, it will almost always offer more versatility in speed and pitch style anyway!

If you've never had a pitching machine before, much less a complete training set up home, it's not all that difficult. It just takes a little planning and research (a lot of which we've boiled down for you here).

The first consideration is dedicating some land for your backyard batting cage. You'll always want to have clearance on the ground but also overhead. You'll want to make sure no part of the net is obstructed by tree limbs, bushes, etc. It's best to keep the ground as flat as possible just like the actual field.

The length of the batting cage is important. You want to make sure to put enough distance between the pitching machine and you. In other words, the pitching machine should be about the same distance away as a real pitcher would be in a real game. That gives you an idea of what it's like in the actual game, and it's also where the intended speed you set for each pitch is the most accurate.

So, if you want to hit at a high school level, you'll need enough room to cover 45 feet from the pitching machine to the batter's box, plus a few feet of clearance to move around.

Fortunately, it's pretty easy to get just the right size of the batting cage. The Heater Sports batting cages are very popular among customers who are looking to get a great value on batting cage length. The Heater Sports Xtender line of cages can all be linked together. So, you could start with one size and then double or even triple it if you get the urge to hit faster, more advanced pitches down the line. It's literally a batting cage that can grow with players, making it a perfect choice for families.

cimarron sports backyard batting cageThe Cimarron Sports batting cage is also incredibly popular. It takes a little more time to assemble, as the poles are not included, but this is one of the best batting cage deals today (since you're saving a lot by not shipping poles). To many customers, the little extra effort is more than worth it for the large, sturdy and cost-effective batting cage they have set up in the backyard.

You can't really go wrong with either of these fantastic batting cages, as both are high quality and are available in just about any length you could need.

Which pitching machine should you pair up with the batting cage?

First, be sure to read the pitching machine buyer's guide here which should help make the absolute best choice as far as your new pitching machine goes!

Nuances aside, you can really use any pitching machine you like in the batting cage - if there's room for you to stand, then you can put a pitching machine in on the opposite side as well.

We have a popular ready-made pitching machine + Xtender batting cage available here. There's a small advantage of using a Heater batting cage with a Heater machine; the cage is specifically made to latch onto any of the Heater pitching machines.

In any case, just be sure to get a batting cage that can keep up with the intensity of your practice! If you want to buy one of our higher-end 3-wheel pitching machines, like the Rawlings 3 wheel or Hack Attack pitching machine, then it's best to get at least a 45' cage.

Also, consider using an automatic feeder

Back to the commercial batting cages - one good takeaway from them is how nice it is when each pitch is automatically released. Of course, you can also enjoy that feature at home (but with more control over the release, of course).

Automatic feeders have really developed a lot in the last few years. There's really no better way to maximize the efficiency of batting practice than to use a batting cage & a nice and big automatic ball feeder. You just hit the evenly timed pitches to the other end of the cage right by the machine and feeder, where you can easily load them up again.

Depending on the pitching machine you choose, you'll want to get the matching automatic feeder from the same brand for ideal performance. So, that makes selecting the automatic feeder pretty easy. Still, it's helpful to think of the feeder you're going to use in terms of your desired batting cage set up!

One important feature and potential advantage your own feeder has over even the commercial ones is the rate of release. Some pitching machine have a fixed release and others let you have some control over how many seconds there are between each pitch. One of the best feeders is the Rawlings/Spinball feeder, which is even remote controlled!

The more control you have over the release, the better and more efficient your batting practice will be!

Pitching Machine Best Practices

Always be careful of the wheels. They should always be tight and secure on the motor shaft. If air-filled, they should be at the right PSI before use. If you ever need to put a hand near the wheels, make sure that the machine is turned off and the wheel speeds are set to 0. Wheels should be regularly inspected for any kind of scuffing or debris to keep optimum performance.

Before a player steps up to the plate, always try a few test pitches. This keeps the pitch location where you want and ensures consistency. If you are going to make any significant changes to the pitch location, do the same with the batter at a safe distance.

Visibility and timing are also important for the player. If balls are manually fed into the machine, make sure to clearly hold the ball up over the machine. Players should have a clear sight from beginning to end for each pitch, just like a real game. Typical intervals between pitches are 5-8 seconds. That is what most auto feeders are set to, and what most machines need to recover wheel speeds.

To keep the pitching machine wheels in good condition, be sure to stay up on any regular maintenance, such as buffing or cleaning. Always use the correct practice balls. This will depend on the machine, and most have options for which ball to use. The one kind of ball we do NOT recommend is a synthetic leather ball. These tend to be lower grade, wear out a little more and cause additional wear and tear on the wheels. Also, don't mix different types of balls or use wet balls!

Pitching machines can be kept outside safely throughout the different seasons and temperatures. If you want your machine outside, just keep it covered or out of excessively windy or bad weather.

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Delayed but Excellent Communication

The machine was ordered on April 6th and delivered on June 1. Jonathan was more than responsive with communicating the reasons for the delay. Wheels had to be reordered as they were defective when they arrived at the shipper, etc. Also the free shipping was HUGE as it saved over $200 off the price. I would definitely recommend as I think Covid had a part to play in the delays and PitchingMachineUSA stayed on top of it the whole time.

Took a long time to get!

Took a week longer than what I thought it would take and probably would have taken longer if I had not asked what was taken so long!

Heater Sports Deuce 2 Wheel Curveball Pitching Machine

Hack Attack Jr

Great communication on shipping date. Quality product delivered in timely manner. Highly recommend this seller.

great machine

Went cheap with a 1 wheel machine a few years ago. While it served us well my boy quickly outgrew it. The hack attack jr does so much more and is built like a tank. I'm sure this will be the last machine we buy.